Felicity Fire Turns up the Heat!

Felicity Fire is a hot-bodied Angel.

Sexy brunette Felicity Fire is a fresh-faced, country-raised bombshell who is perfect for a romp in the hay. Felicity was a classic country gal growing up, spending a lot of time outdoors, 4-wheeling, fishing, and going to bonfires. Before getting into porn, she mostly kept to herself, though she couldn’t help herself from meeting a man behind the barn once in a while. Felicity was always sexual before getting into porn, and while life moved slow in the country, she liked it fast and hard. Obsessed with porn for most of her life, this innocent looking beauty spent time in between social events perfecting her deepthroat skills. Felicity’s country-fed curves are a sight for sore eyes, and while her town might of been rural, her body was meant for the big city.

Felicitiy’s’s rustic charm took us by storm, and now she brings her homespun hornyness with her every time she’s on set.

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